Audio clip alleges money collected for Kathua rape victim’s family embezzled

A shocking audio clip has surfaced the internet regarding the Kathua rape case. It is alleged to be a conversation between two main agitators of the case. Shehla Rashid recently tweeted that over ₹40 lakh had been crowdfunded for the rape victim’s family.

But the two people in the audio can be heard discussing that the money collected in the name of the victim has not reached the family.

They have taken some big names in the audio, such as Talib Hussain and Deepika Rajawat, and have raised serious questions regarding their role in this case. Deepika Rajawat is the lawyer defending the victim in the court. While, Talib Hussain is a lawyer and an activist who has been hailed by the media for leading from the front in fighting for the rape victim’s justice.

But, one of the persons in the audio, who claims to be the original agitator, expresses his disgust for Talib Hussain. He says that Talib Hussain was nowhere to be seen when he started protests and candle light marches to bring the issue to the limelight. But now Talib has hijacked the whole issue and politicised it. He believes that Talib has embezzled a huge sum of money which was gathered for the victim’s family. He also suspects the role of lawyer Deepika Rajawat who is defending the victim in the court.

The Jammu and Kashmir government has forwarded this audio clip to the probe agencies.

“I have heard the audio clip. When this clip came to me, I forwarded it to agencies for probing it,” Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh told reporters.

Singh also also said, “It is sad what has happened with the girl. No human being can do such an act. It is heinous. It is unfortunate that such an incident has been given communal colour. Court has taken cognizance of it (reports by media). I condemn the attempt to polarize the incident. it should not have happened. Now the case is with the court and the government will act on the directions of the court. A thorough investigation should be done. Action will definitely be taken,”

He also alleged that “Congress” would play disruptive politics in the coming months and asked people to be wary of the party. “The way the Congress played politics (over the Kathua case), it is an example of divisive politics of the party. A right-hand man of (Congress leader) Ghulam Nabi Azad was leading an agitation in Jammu and at the same time they were part of the candlelight march,” he said.