Aurangzeb’s General Order of Destruction of all Temples

Aurangzeb wanted Hindu temples destroyed image 2

Now that Aurangzeb road has been renamed to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam road, I am sure many liberals would jump up and start crying about how Aurangzeb was a great ruler and pious man and hence, his name should have been retained. But the truth is that not only was he a killer who indulged in genocide of Hindus, he also ordered the destruction of many temples all around India.

I am sure most of you would not know this or if you do know, you don’t have any proof to show to your “Liberal” friends that Aurangzeb was, in fact, the Baghdadi (10 times worse) of the 17th century. So, here, Satyameva Jayate brings to you Aurangzeb’s general order of destruction of all temples across India. It shows how Aurangzeb was unhappy that Hindus were openly celebrating their faith. He was especially pissed with Benaras as can be seen in the images that follow.

Here are the images that prove how bad Aurangzeb was by showing his order to destroy all Indian temples:Aurangzeb wanted Hindu temples destroyed image 1


Aurangzeb wanted Hindu temples destroyed image 2

Aurangzeb wanted Hindu temples destroyed image 2

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