Awesome Open Letter To Manmohan Singh Who Accused Narendra Modi Of Lowering Dignity Of Office !!

By Rakesh Srivastava

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh,

In an uncharitable attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi last Sunday, you accused him of lowering the dignity of his office.

The reason was obvious. You secretly met a former foreign minister of Pakistan and its high commissioner at the residence of a party colleague, and now that it has become public, you don’t know where to hide your face. So you attack. That’s the only way out for you, considering the fact that this party colleague who goes by the name of Mani Shanker Aiyar, had not long ago sought the Pakistani establishment’s help to overthrow the Narendra Modi government in India.

That your laboured rationalisation for the meeting came after your party spokesperson Anand Sharma denied that any such meeting was held, says a lot about the agenda of the meeting.

You asked Prime Minister Modi to “show the maturity expected of the high office he holds,” forgetting that it is you who needs it more. That, however, is not the objective of my writing this open letter to you here. I’m writing this letter to tell you Dr. Singh, how you, have on numerous occasions lowered the dignity of the constitutional office of Prime Minister, when you were holding it.

Dr. Singh ! Let me tell you. Your new-found bravado is not going to change people’s perception about your incompetence as an administrator and impotence as a leader. Because they know. They know that…

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when in 2004, immediately after you took over as Prime Minister, you created an extra-Constitutional body called National Advisory Council (NAC), just to create an office for your boss Sonia Gandhi. This helped Sonia enjoy perks of power at taxpayer’s cost, without being accountable to anybody in this country, neither to the Parliament nor to the President of India. The Prime Minister’s office was lowered Dr. Singh, when you let NAC emerge as a parallel cabinet that often overrode the decisions taken by the union cabinet which is the constitutionally mandated body to frame government policies.

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered in 2013, when Rahul Gandhi, a mere vice president of the Congress at that time, tore up an ordinance passed by your cabinet, at a crowded press conference. But your “insatiable desire” to enjoy the perks of power, did not let you resign as PM or seek Rahul Gandhi’s ouster from the party.

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered in 2005, Dr. Singh, when you as Prime Minister apologised to the nation for the anti-Sikh massacre of 1984. If anyone ever should have tendered an apology, it should have been members of Rajiv Gandhi’s family or the president of the Congress party which was Sonia Gandhi. But like a committed slave of your mistress, you provided her with an escape route and took it upon yourself to ask forgiveness of the Sikh community, even though YOU HAD NO ROLE WHATSOEVER in the genocide.

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when in 2005, from the ramparts of the Red Fort, you declared that Muslims will be given special treatment by your government as they have the first right to national resources.

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when you, after a meeting with the Pakistani President, General Pervez Musharraf, in Havana in September 2006, announced that like India, Pakistan too was a “victim of terrorism”, and that the terrorist violence in India was not being perpetrated by the ISI, but by “autonomous Jehadi groups.”

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when in 2009, on the sidelines of the Non- Aligned Movement summit at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, you gave legitimacy to Pakistan’s allegations about “India’s involvement in Balochistan” by signing a joint statement with Pakistan’s prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani which committed “India to share information on any future terrorist threats in Balochistan.”

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when the Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif called you – the Indian Prime Minister – a “Dehati Aurat” in front of Indian journalists, yet your office did not register a protest.

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when instead of taking action against your cabinet colleagues who were looting the exchequer, you patted and promoted them.

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when your cabinet colleagues changed affidavits to save Islamic terrorists and frame innocent Hindus as ” Saffron terrorists.”

Dr. Manmohan Singh !

To defend your indefensible meeting with the Pakistanis, you ask Prime Minister Modi “why ISI was invited to the strategic airbase of Pathankot?” Your question looks ridiculous in the face of facts which are – a) The Pakistani team was not an ISI team as you claim it to be, it was a joint investigation team consisting of people from various fields; b) when the Pakistani team was visiting Pathankot for Investigation, the airbase was visually barricaded by NIA to prevent any view of its critical areas; and c) You’re forgetting Dr Singh that it was you in September 2006 at Havana, who gave ISI a clean chit by categorically saying that “the terrorist violence in India was not being perpetrated by the ISI, but by autonomous Jehadi groups.”

So, read your past statements before you speak, Dr. Singh!

You can no longer hide your complicity in the loot of exchequer which took place under your watch. The fact is that you are a greedy politician who can do anything to hold on to the seat of power, even if it means disowning your own mentor Narasimha Rao who shaped your political career; even if it means promoting the political career of a NINCOMPOOP by saying that he possesses “OUTSTANDING” qualities to become the PM of this nation.

Dr. Manmohan Singh! You are the MOST DISHONEST POLITICIAN this country has ever seen. Kudos for stooping to yet another low as if all your previous lows were not enough for all of us to hang our heads in shame.

History will not be kinder to you, as you once believed, Dr. Singh!

Thank you!

Rakesh Srivastava