This Awesome Reply by our Defense Minister to a Sickular #Presstitute Made him to Shut Up

Our Defence Minister is indeed awesome. Unlike Kejriwal, who shouts 10 times a day that he is an IITian, this IITian Manohar Parrrikar ji is working hard to bring in better security and providing all facilities and giving a free hand to Army.

During an Interview, one secular Presstitute asked our defense minister, Do you think, the terror attacks in India has increased? Any one could answer this question as there has been no terror attacks in India except a failed attempt at Pathankot. Earllier, how can we forget regular bombings in cities by Indian Mujaheddin, 26/11, Train Blasts and many more.

To this question, Our Defense minister gave an amazing reply. He said that its the number of encounter of terrorists, which has increased.

Here are the tweets and Videos of the same.

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