AWESOME VIDEO !! People Like Kejriwal And Rahul Gandhi Ripped Apart By Major Gaurav Arya On OROP

Major Gaurav Arya gave a Sound Thrashing to Political Vultures, who like to feast dead for Votes like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi in his latest debate in Times Now. He said below points and tore the vulture politicians apart.

  1. vult1OROP was not implemented from last 40+ years after Indira Gandhi, who is grand mother of Rahul Gandhi removed army men of this privilege. We should appreciate him for this bold step.
  2. Army is not like a corporate company having few hundred thousands but there are millions of veterans and rolling an big program like OROP will take more time. It may be years.
  3. Old Veterans data is not computerized and it was a big manual activity to get the first lot of 5500 crores rolled out to Veterans. For 5000 rs of some mistake from Bank or records, no Army men will commit suicide.
  4. Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi are playing Vulture politics and feasting dead for votes. They did not care to meet the Veterans protesting at Jantar Mantar 2 days back and are here in hospital to take political advantage of Suicide of veteran.
  5. Kejriwal did not care about jawans killed by pakistan in URI and demanded proof of Surgical Strike from Indian army but suddenly up declaring a man, who did suicide and providing his family money.
  6. Monthly revision or 5 years revision is a very small matter of say Rs 100 per month. Government will also discuss that.

Here is the full Video of the bold debate and a tight slap to political vultures.


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