“Awesome Without Allah,” say the Ex-Muslims on twitter

Protesting against the treatment meted out to atheists in the Islamic world, a group of ex Muslims have started a twitter campaign by trending #AwesomeWithoutAllah. Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA), a non-profit organisation, is spearheading the online campaign against what it calls discrimination against non-believers or atheists in the Islamic society.

The aim of the organisation is to reduce and e eventually end the discrimination that ex Muslims face from their society for denouncing the faith of Islam.

Many of the ex Muslims have openly come to express their views on what made them to denounce the religion and how it affected their lives. Most have claimed positive changes. Most also alleged that they faced discrimination or even threats from the society for denouncing the faith.

One ex Muslim women named Jinan Murtad went on to the extent of alleging that her mother wants to see her dead since she left the religion. “My mother wanted me dead for removing hijab & leaving her house. She endlessly prayed for God to kill me from the moment I left & honestly believes I’m going to die soon bc “allah listens to her prayers”. Its been 2 yrs now, I’m still alive & well but mostly,” she tweeted.

Twitter these days is flooding with tweets from ex Muslims and their stories. Here are a few more:

However religious Muslims have tried to counter the campaign by their own stories of how they are happy with the religion.