Ayyappa Devotees seem to have the upper hand as Trupti Desai returns without any darshan

Protesting devotees and non-cooperative attitude of Kerala administration leads to Trutpti and her gang of feminists returning to Pune without getting Lord Ayappa’s darshan.

Trutpi Desai, the controversial activist, and petitioner in Sabrimala case in Supreme court, was in the eye of the storm at Kochi airport for almost 14 hours. Since the moment she landed at Kochi airport, the lady was made aware that she and the seven women accompanying her, were not welcome in Kerala. The lady was snubbed by the taxi drivers at the airport;adding to her woes was the Kerala police which informed her that it is liable to provide security from Nilkkal, a place close to the Sabrimala temple, and not from the airport. It is yet to be known if Trupti was carrying her irumudi-kettu (travel pouch), an important part of the pilgrimage to the shrine, and if she had fasted for 41 days before visiting the temple, as the traditions of the temple require? BJP leader, MP Shobha Karandlaje was right when she said, Supreme court might have ruled against one tradition but it has not allowed other age-old traditions of Sabrimala to be disregarded and trampled by the devotees.

Disheartened by the welcome accorded to her, Trupti decided to leave tonight; she has promised that she will return in a few days, and that next time she will use her wherewithal to reach Sabrimala. The temple which is open for just a few days in a year, will remain open for next 62 days owing to the Mandala pooja and Makar-Vilaku pooja to be held in next two months.

People in Kerala had more than one reason for jubilation today as the High court asked the communist government to not stop the media from covering the happenings at Sabrimala, as the people deserve to be updated about it. Since sometime now, the Kerala government had blanket banned media coverage from Sabrimala Sannidhanam.

In another interesting development, High court has rejected the anticipatory bail plea of Rehana Fatima, who is accused of hurting the religious sentiments, with her derogatory posts on social media about Swami Ayappan, the deity at Sabrimala temple.

Despite the emboldened psuedo-feminists approaching the Sabrimala temple, the nama-japa protests by the devotees, has so far managed to dissuade them all. At the heart of the controversy, Sabrimala temple, has been witness to many heart-wrenching scenes since the Supreme court ruling, but one thing that the SC ruling has achieved, is uniting the devotees for a common cause– to protect the sanctity of a temple and its deity.

In a state where people had elected communists to power for the first time in the world, such a paradigm shift in attitude of the populace is no less than a feat. The supreme court ruling as many suspect, could very well be a boon in disguise for God’s own country–Kerala.

This article is written by Levina

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