Babri Masjid Demolition, A Outburst Of Hindu Sentiments And The Raise Of Hindutav

A land which once gave birth to one the most ancient religion of the world is today projected as secular. In my write up I will address the nation as Hindustan and not India only because this is the land of Hinduism. While the political parties of today’s Hindustan is busy pleading and pleasing the politically projected minorities with about 18% and 6% of the country’s population the Hindus had started feeling left out. The Temples converted to Mosques, the reservation in every sector based on religious minority only made Hindus more furious, the increasing crime against Hindus and anti-Hindu government policies made Hindu’s realize that Hindus of Hindustan was slowly being poisoned to death in the name of secularism and minority appeasement. The sentiments among Hindus of being ill-treated was growing and growing very strong among every household. Babri Masjid had to happen, Babri demolition was the outburst of Hindu sentiments against the anti-Hindu agenda of political parties. It was the question of proving the existence and it was time Hindus come together and show the governments and sold out leaders the protectors of Hinduism still breathe strong in Hindustan.

15284941_1309800699080896_4323116803967887103_nThough BJP politically used Babri Masjid demolition for their gain the real Hindus didn’t care of the political agenda their soul goal was to awaken the Hindutav among the Hindus of the nation. It was the day when the when holy land of Ayodhya saw lakhs of warriors of Hindu dharm come together to make a statement, create a history which even today shakes the powerful and the might government of the country

babri-masjid-1Without getting into the detailed history which most of us know let me only shed some light on how the Ram Mandir issue cropped up politically. It all started when placing of the Ram Lalla inside the Babri Masjid in the night of December 22-23, 1949 was organized most likely by the Congress who were building up Hindu communal feelings in order to isolate the famous socialist leaders Acharya Narendra Dev and Acharya Kripalani who had left the Congress in 1948, and who were likely to contest by-elections in Ayodhya-Faizabad. Acharya Narendra Dev was born in Faizabad.

2899 However with time congress started projected themselves as anti Hindu and pro minority party and BJP grabbed this opportunity to move close to Hindu sentiments. The 80’s and the 90’s congress party which ruled the nation only made Hindus feel disgusted with their anti Hindu attitude and mean while The RSS-BJP were determined to claim that a Ram Janmabhoomi on which a Ram Mandir earlier existed was not just as a Hindu but a secular birthright. PM Narasimha Rao facilitated the demolition, under the illusion that if the Babri Masjid was demolished, the BJP-led movement would ebb, since the Muslim intrusion on Ram Janmabhoomi would be torn down, and possibly later some pro-Hindu compromise would be worked out. Significantly, the archaeological survey promoted by the Congress, characterised “Hindu” as under Article 25.  Thought the nation today gives the credit of Babri movement to BJP and RSS it was the vishwa Hindu parishad VHP which shares its affiliation with RSS the master mind behind this movement. Ashok Singhal was the man who triggered this massive outburst and bought the Hindu samaj which once shy’d away to fight for what is their right. By 5th of December 5 pm more than 1,20,000 kar sevaks of VHP had reached Ayodhya. And 40,000 more were still marching towards the holy land. It was the 6th December 1992 when more than 1,50,000 kar sevaks took over Ayodhya by storm. VHP spear headed this massive crowd of kar sevak with BJP top brass L K Advani adding political color for the entire movement with the Rath Yatra in support of the Hindu nationalist movement. Despite Advani was arrested by the government of Bihar before he could reach Ayodhya. Despite this, a large body of kar sevaks or Sangh Parivar activists reached Ayodhya. Thought the UP government was fully prepared they didn’t expect the turnout would be this massive. The crowd was out of control, furious and determined to demolish Babri masjid. Despite barricades blocking kar sevak a sadhu managed to hijack a bus with kar sevak and drove it straight inside masjid. The kar sevak had entered the masjid with in no time 100s of kar sevak climbed on top of the masjid and began the demolition. Insulted and outraged samajwadi party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav who was in power ordered his men in uniform to open fire on the kar sevak  however the police refused to open fire on the ram bakhts post which Indo Tibet border force was called to kill the kar sevaks. The Indo Tibet border force indiscriminately opened fire on the ram bhakts killing more than 1000. Demolition of babri masjid was the outrage of Hindus on the fake historians who disrespected Hinduism and rewrote history to glorify a Mughal invader. Its been 24 years now after the incident but even to this day babri masjid demolition evokes Hindu sentiments among the proud Hindus. The 6th of December is now celebrated as Shaurya Diwas in remembrance of all those departed souls who stood for Hindutva. The architect and Ram mandir movement Sri Ashok Singhal will always be remembered for his resilient effort to evoke the pride of Hindutva among Hindus. BJP which once claimed Ram mandir as their electoral agenda is today shying away from taking a stand on building Ram Mandir however Dr Subramanian Swamy a politician and a  eminent lawyer is fighting the issue in the court of law to get justice for the Hindu community and build Ram Mandir. Hindu community had fought 76 battles from 1528 until 1992 to reclaim Ram Janm Bhoomi. Babri Masjid demolition on December 6th 1992 sent out a strong message to the world that India is still Hindu rashtra and Hindus would never let their pride died and would fight to protect hindutva when required. The battle is not over, it’s only the calm before the next fight to regain Ram Janm Bhoomi begins and ends once for all. The fight is to correct the history and regain what is ours and the fight will continue until ram mandir is built at Ram Janm Bhoomi.