Bad friendship causes harm: Says the family of former A Raja aide Sadhik Batcha on his death anniversary

On the death anniversary of former A Raja aide Sadhik Batcha, his family has published an advertisement on newspaper. The ad features a cryptic message saying, “Bad friendship causes harm.”

Batcha, once considered the right hand man of DMK leader and erstwhile telecom Minister A Raja, was found dead in mysterious conditions, after the alleged 2G scam. Sadhik Batcha was said to have committed suicide at his residence in Chennai on Wednesday, March 16, 2011. The suicide came almost a month after Raja’s arrest in 2G spectrum scam case on 2 February 2011.

In a long suicide letter, which started with an apology, he had blamed none for his suicide and said he felt sorry for Raja’s plight. He expressed his wish to be reborn and wanted his siblings to be happy and his wife and children to stay in Chennai for their education.

Some believe that Batcha had too much information and he was the man who could have given CBI the exact map of the 2G money trail.[6] It is also alleged that he was the link between the 2G money, the underworld and the hawala operators.

A CBI investigation alleged that his company, Greenhouse, was a front company belonging to Raja, and all the money earned through the 2G spectrum case was hidden in Greenhouse. The investigations have also shown that Batcha handled all of Raja’s money.