Should Bakrid also be celebrated in Eco-Friendly manner like other festivals?-An excellent Debate

When no Media house dared to host a debate on Eco friendly Bakri Eid, when the same houses cry loud on Cracker less Diwali, Water less Holi, 20 Meters Dahi Handi and many more hindu festivals, there was Rohit Sardana’s Taal Thok ke in Zee News, which did the same.

An excellent debate on why, Muslims are violating Slaughtering laws in Bakri Eid, causing pollution and nuisance to others.  When Muslim like Tarek Fatah was talking sense, the muslim Samajwadi party leader and another mulla were spitting venom and defending the barbaric animal beheading festivals, where not only goat but endangered species like camel are openly beheaded on religious books without accepting an idea of reformation.

Here is the full Video of the debate

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