Ballabgarh Love Jihadi comes from politically influential family, closely linked to Congress heavyweight Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed

With police probing the Haryana Love Jihad killing, new facts about the gruesome murder and the culprit Tauseef are emerging. It is now learnt that Tauseef comes from a politically influential family with strong links to Congress heavyweight leader Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed.

Chaudhary Aftab is sitting MLA from Nuh (Mewat) constituency and is the deputy leader Congress legislative party in Haryana. He has also served as Transport minister, Tourism minister, Printing & Stationary minister and state vice-president of the Haryana Congress.

Incidentally, both Tauseef and his partner in crime Rehan were nabbed by the police from Aftab’s constituency in Nuh.

The new revelation also explains the cause behind victim Nikita Tomar’s family not escalating the issue out of proportion despite Tauseef harassing and disturbing her from several years. Perhaps they were concerned about the political reach of Tauseef.

Nikita Tomar, a student of B.Com, was shot dead outside of her college in Haryana’s Faridabad by Tauseef, whose love proposals she had rejected several times. The accused, was persuading the girl to convert into his religion, Islam, and marry him.

Nikita, a student of B.Com final year, had emerged out of her college after appearing for an exam on Monday afternoon when the incident took place. The accused, who arrived at the spot in a car, had tried to pull Tomar inside, in a bid to abduct her, but she resisted after which the key accused shot her.

The sensational crime was even captured by someone over the mobile phone, the footage of which went viral over social media. In the video, Tauseef, along with his accomplice Rehan, is seen arriving outside the college and parking the white-colored car on the road.

Nikita is seen walking on the road accompanied by one of her friends and the accused suddenly takes out a pistol and shoots her behind her ear from a close range leaving her in a pool of blood at the spot. Before a few passersby, who noticed the crime taking place, could react, the two accused escaped from the spot in their car. The incident triggered protests with students and local residents blocking the Sohna-Ballabgarh road for several hours on Tuesday.