Bangladesh soon to be flooded with Rohingya population

Disturbing pictures of underage pregnant Rohingya Muslim girls have been floating on the social media from a long time, and people were more than shocked to see underage girls being pregnant. At an age when most of the girls around the world attend schools, play games and spend their days doing childish things the Rohingya girls get married and even give birth to children.

The practice of marrying girls at a young age and then having them get pregnant originated from a belief of Rohingya muslim society that aggressors will spare the pregnant females. Though gone are the days when pregnancy was a tool to safeguard life and honor but the practice has now turned into a social convention among Rohingya muslims.

Even those Rohingya Muslims who are now safe and residing in refugee camps still continuing the practice. Underage Rohingya girls are still being forced to give birth to children. The situations is that after delivering one baby the Rohingya women gets pregnant immediately within days. According to reports one Rohingya women give birth to at least 5-12 children.

Rohingya womens suffer from many pregnancy related diseases because of frequent pregnancy. Doctors at the refugee camps in Bangladesh are having tough time treating them. Doctors are treating 400-500 pregnant women everyday and some of them are as young as 12 years.

Out of 603,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh 30,000 are expectant. Since August at least 700 to 1,000 Rohingya babies have taken birth in Bangladesh and another 10,000 babies will take birth soon. Everyday seven to eight babies are taking birth in various centers across Bangladesh.

Bangladesh will be soon flooded with Rohingya population. There are many people in India who wants to keep the Rohingya infiltraters in India. Now if Rohingya Muslims are kept in India then we might also witness a similar population flood. We are already the second largest country by population. If Rohingya Muslims are given refuge then it will not take long before we overtake China in population to become the world’s largest country by population and that is not a good thing to happen. It will change the demographics of the country, and more separatist movements may arise in future.