Banking Fraud.. Story Continues..

Banking fraud.. a True Story

Another attempt for fraud on my salary account yesterday on 20th Feb 2017. I had called the customer care to confirm whether my account KYC is done for both holders at 04.30 PM. At 04.35 PM a msg on my cell says ” Dear Customer,Your account modification request has been registered vide SR458030628 on 20-FEB-17. It will be completed within 7 working days.” In a long telephonic conversation on the way to airport I missed the msg till I landed after a flight back to Delhi at 10.30 PM. I realised I have not made any request for modification of my account. I open my bank move app and horrified to see that a service request is open seeking ” Creation of Joint account holder Customer ID.” Immediately called the phone banking officer and he confirms a request is open but cannot give details during 0900 PM to 0700 AM. So, another nightmare on realising my Salary account also being compromised and my daughter’s account fraud is yet not resolved.

Next morning I sent my daughter to the bank with a written complaint. On the phone, the banker says it is nothing to worry as bank has started issuing the customer ID for joint account holders and when a KyC request is made this is created. I fired her thoroughly and asked her to stop talking stupid when matter being that I have not asked any request. Once a customer ID is generated, obviously password also will be issued and them what more does one require to operate an Internet banking. As he got a piece of my mind and I said I am suspecting somebody in the branch including herself. So I asked her to issue me an acknowledgement to my complaint and get the the bottom of both frauds. I told her that i would any file a police complaint after 72 hours and also write to RBI. I advised her to get the audio recording on my call to phone banking officer of 0420 pm to validate if I have made any request….Matter is under investigation now…..

Caution friends, this is a new practice from ICICI that they give ATM card and Customer ID to both joint account holders…

(as narrated by Mr. Narendra Jain)