Barkha Dutt ATTACKS Arnab Goswami on Twitter; Twitter Users Attack Back

Barkha Dutt vs Arnab image 1

In a recent article, we had showed you how Arnab Goswami had attacked Journalists who were talking on behalf of separatists and Pakistan. Now he has openly a new debate by asking for media to be held accountable. Arnab Goswami, acting as a responsible journalist, has raised a question. The question is: Why should media and journalists not be held accountable for criminal lies and other activities that are against the interest of the nation?

Obviously, this did not go well with those who think of themselves as journalists but are in reality nothing but PAID PRESSTITUTES working for the advancement of Pakistani agenda in India.

Here is how Barkha Dutt responded to Arnab’s question:

Obviously, nationalists replied back and the replies were EPIC!!

But this one has to be the most EPIC reply of all:

Some other replies:

The nation has changed now. It will not silently listen to bullshit from people who hold positions of influence (of any kind). It holds them accountable and replies with STINGING words when they cross a line. Barkha should have learnt it by now.

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