Why is Barkha Dutt endorsing an abusive and fake twitter handle?

On 27th March 2018, the twitter handle known as ‘Unofficial Sususwamy’ aka @swamv39 shared an article from AltNews. This article debunked popular news channel Times Now’s theory, that BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya had declared the schedule for Karnataka Assembly elections, even before the official announcement from Election Commission.

Now there is nothing surprising in Unofficial Sususwamy sharing articles from AltNews. It is a open secret that Unofficial Sususwamy brand is nothing but a machinery used by AltNews to bring all the Anti-BJP/RSS people under one umbrella and create a reader base for itself. Neither there is anything wrong with the AltNews article. But the surprising aspect about the Unofficial Sususwamy tweet is that it was re-tweeted by an international journalist, Barkha Dutt.

Barkha Dutt is a contributor for the likes of Washington Post and The Week live. It is usually expected from a journalist of her status that she would quote a known news sources in her tweets. But instead, she decided to endorse an abusive twitter handle by quoting it. This Twitter handle is not only an abusive one but it is also a self proclaimed fake twitter handle of BJP Leader Dr Subramanian Swamy.

This is not the first time that such a question has arisen. Here at SatyaVijayi, we had earlier questioned AltNews as to why they have employed an abusive Facebook page call Unofficial Sususwamy as an author in their website.

There is very little chance that Barkha is not aware about the abusive nature of this handle, because socially active journalists like her, always keep a close eye on social networking platforms. On top of this Barkha’s short bio on Twitter doesn’t say that her re-tweets don’t mean endorsement, and hence it may be safe to assume that her re-tweets do mean endorsement.

Last year a few left leaning journalists, a group many believe Barkha belongs to, orchestrated an all out campaign urging to unfollow the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, because he was allegedly following some abusive Twitter handles. But the same left liberals, again repeating a group many believe Barkha is a part of, never shies away from giving a boost to those abusive Twitter handles that share their world view.

Here are some of the out of innumerable examples of abusive tweets from the Unofficial Sususwamy twitter handle.

Leaving aside the posts, even the very name of the handle that is Unofficial Sususwamy is in a very derogatory taste. It is very unfortunate that a journalist who was nominated for Emmy awards, is endorsing tweets from such an outlet.

The hypocrisy of the left-liberal lutyens media stands exposed once again. They spare nothing, not even the country’s Prime Minister while attacking abusive Twitter handles that have right leaning views but when it comes to left leaning abusive handles, they not only maintain utmost silence but also promote them.