Barkha Dutt exposes the truth about NDTV.

Since veteran journalist Barkha Dutt left NDTV it was evident that all was not well between her and her former employer (NDTV). Just within days after leaving Barkha Dutt accused NDTV of stealing the name of her venture “Mobile Journalism” shortly called MoJo.
But now Barkha Dutt has finally opened up her mouth about the reason behind her leaving NDTV. And from her statements it seems like the atmosphere inside the newsroom of so called liberal channel is not so liberal.

A week back the NDTV took off a story about Jay Shah from their website covered by Srinivasan Jain. Now a week later Srinivasan Jain has expressed his dissatisfaction with the channel on Facebook.
“A situation like this presents journalists with hard choices. For now, I am treating this is as a distressing aberration and have decided to continue to do the journalism that I have always done – on NDTV. All of this has been conveyed to NDTV, ” said Srinivasan Jain in his Facebook post. Though initially the NDTV had said that the article was being legally vetted and Srinivasan Jain also stated that the take town was temporary but now it seems like the thing is different.

Srinivasan Jain openly expressing his dissatisfaction gave Barkha Dutt an opportunity to speak her mind up. And in a series of tweets she exposed the truth of NDTV’s Newsroom. Barkha Dutt said that this is not the first time a story has been axed from NDTV, rather she faced similar situations on multiple occasions during her tenure with the channel.
She claimed that that her interview with P. Chidambaram was axed in a similar way.

From the tweets of Barkha it is evident that newsroom censorship was one of the reasons behind her leaving the channel she once was face of.

Another person who spoke up about the issue is former NDTV defense Correspondent, Nikhil Gokhale. Gokhale’s interview with Navi chief three years back was axed by NDTV. About which Barkha had also mentioned in her tweets. Gokhale said that he left the channel within one month after his story was axed, and he hopes that others show similar spunk.

From the statements of Srinivasan Jain, Barkha Dutt and Nitin Gokhale it is clear that the people calling the shots at NDTV are not as liberal as their channel projects itself to be.