Barkha Dutt does it AGAIN! Secret Army Info Shared Openly; Twitter Slams her

Barkha image 1

It is surprisingly how some journalists seem to be committing same mistake time and again. According to revelations by an ex army man in a commanding position, Barkha Dutt was responsible for the death of 3 army men when she gave away their position during the Kargil war with Pakistan. Her channel was also responsible for reporting the position of Indian commandos during the attack on Mumbai.

Now, in her attempt to help the terrorists again, she has revealed one more sensitive info about army movements today when the situation in Kashmir is tense.

Here is what she tweeted:

There was no reason to mention this. She could have simply said that more troops may be moved to Kashmir. Details were unnecessary and are only going to aid terrorists.

Twitter users slammed her for this:

It is high time the home ministry takes cognizance of this anti-national behavior and files a case against her.

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