Basirhat has still not returned to normalcy, when will this stop?

It’s almost a week since the Baduria violence started in West Bengal, and the situations are still very sensitive even after so many days. According to few media reports the situation is better than what it was during the first two days, and the credit for this is given to the BSF. Yet the actual situation is unknown because the media is not allowed to enter anywhere near the entire Basirhat Sub division let alone Baduria.

The Situations are very tense, and clashes between groups are still taking place inside Basirhat, which has now been turned into a full fledged castle. According to reports, an old Hindu man was stabbed to death by some anti socials. The Hindus of Basirhat are very afraid, hundreds of Hindus left their houses and fled away. Many have taken refuge in nearby villages.

WIFI and Internet connection is also blocked in Basirhat. Dibyendu Biswas, former international footballer and the  MLA of Basirhat, belonging to TMC was beaten up by the local Hindus and his car was broken. The local Hindus accused that he (Dibyendu Biswas) suddenly arrived with a group of police officers, and they started arresting all the young men from the Hindu houses randomly. The situations seem to be worse than what is heard, because the ground reports are very rear. There are many kinds of news floating on the social media both fake and real.

Many people believe that State government is completely unable to control the situation, and the peace can’t return until the aggressors are arrested. Yesterday the representatives of opposition parties like BJP, CPI(M) and Congress were stopped far before Basirhat by the police, when they tried to give a visit. CRPC 144 Is imposed on the entire Basirhat area. The BJP and RSS are asking for president rule to be imposed, one must remember that a clash between the Governor and the Chief Minister of West Bengal was made public by the government. The Chief Minister accused the Governor of threatening, and talking in behalf of the RSS. Then the Governor answered back with an official press release from the Governor house.

Moreover the entire social and political system of West Bengal seems to be in a state of anarchy. Today the Centre sent four more company BSF, joining the already present four company BSF at Basirhat. In the afternoon people came out in protest against the West Bengal government’s inability to stop the ongoing violence. The protests took place at Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. BJP MP and actress Rupa Ganguly was again stopped from entering Basirhat by the police.