Battle to remove Non-Hindus from Hindu Endowments Department reaches final stage with Trust filing Writ Petition in Karnataka High Court

The battle to nail interference of certain vested interests in Religious & Charitable Endowments Department in Karnataka has reached a final stage with Bharata Punarutthana Trust – filing a writ petition in the Karnataka High Court on removing non Hindu staff in the Endowments Department.

The Non-Hindu officials hold key posts in Establishment, Finance & Accounts, Administration and Budgetary control and predictably wield considerable influence on allocation and disbursement of funds. Some of the officials are diverting the funds for Non-Hindu spiritual centres for development, renovation and other purposes, despite the fact that many temples in Karnataka are in dire straits and need funds for subsistence. The Priests in State owned (Mujrai Temples) are paid a pittance hardly enough to make ends meet.

Appointment of Non-Hindus in the Endowments department is a “violation of The Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act 1997”.

Although, the Muzarai department counters the charges saying these Non-Hindus were appointed before the Act came into effect; the said employees occupying key decision making posts have to be transferred to other departments.

The earlier Congress government’s policy of wooing the minorities also helped them stick to their present positions.

Girish Bharadwaj, who spearheaded this campaign, said “The department did not reply on us on the appointment of non-Hindu officials, despite several reminders. If the appointment is as per the rules, why not reply to our applications. This injustice will be challenged in the Hon’ble High Court and we are positive of getting an order in our favour and ejecting out certain vested interests in the department”

Bharatha Punaruthana Trust has been waging a legal battle against fake pastors and illegalities committed in the bureaucracy affecting the Majority Hindus single handedly. It has been playing an active role in sending back many pastors; restoring heritage temples, fighting for the rights of Hindu priests and other noble tasks in protecting our Sanathana Hindu Dharma.

Kiran Bettadapur Advocate for Bharata Punaruttana Trust said “Despite filing several legal notices, the Hindu Religious Endowments Department has not replied to us”, hence the writ petition. We will take this to a logistical end and ensure Hindus are not only given employment in the Endowments department but also handle key decision making posts.

Girish Bharadwaj, said “This is a final effort to curb the menace”. We are positive on the outcome.” We thank all of them who are supporting us on social media, he said.

To know more about this case and talk directly to Girish, you can write to him on: [email protected]