Befitting Reply By Diya Kumari To Barkha Dutt On Twitter

Twitter is a place where the common man can see the VVIP’s engaging in arguments with each other. Everyday some VVIP gets into an argument with another and the common people enjoy it as the spectators. In a latest Twitter Argument, Journalist Barkha Dutt herself got into an argument with Princess Diya Kumari and ended up being slammed by her.

Diya Kumari in one of her tweets expressed her views about the ban of Padmavati across various states. She said that the Ban reinstated the power of Traditions and cultures of India.

Everything was going good until, Barkha Dutt out of nowhere jumped in into the matter. Barkha asked if anyone showed this much energy to stop foeticide, end child marriage, enable reproductive rights, etc etc etc. And guess what? She got a reply from the Princess which left her without any answer.

The Princess in her reply to Barkha Dutt said, “won’t mention private work for woman upliftment,Publicly I do- 1)Run NGO employing around 400 woman 2) free education in College for many Girls 3)Free education to many Girls in my schools 4)Ambassador of Beti Bachao have tirelessly campaigned Hope u do your bit too Ms @BDUTT “?

The answer of Princess made Barkha Dutt go silent completely. Even the Twitterati enjoyed the conversation between the two and took jibes at Barkha.

Diya Kumari Singh (born 30 January 1971), is an Indian politician. She is a member ofRajasthan Legislative Assembly from Sawai Madhopur constituency and a member of theBharatiya Janata Party. She is the daughter of the last Maharaja of Jaipur, Sawai Bhawani Singh and Padmini Devi.