Belly dancers steal the headlines at Pakistan’s investor summit

It is no secret that Pakistan is a country on the verge of bankruptcy and hence their government is desparate to get in some investors. Recently, Pakistan organized an investors summit in Azerbaijan, where they asked urged Industrialists to come and invest in the country’s disputed and troubled region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However what made the biggest headlines from the event, was the belly dance program which Pakistanis had organised to woo some of investors.

The video of the belly dance performance at the investors summit has been widely circulated across social media platforms. In the video, two to three belly dancers can be seen grooving to music on stage.

People have reacted in shock and disappointment over the move by the organisers of the event. Prime Minister Imran Khan-led Pakistan government has been criticised widely over the same.

Many who have shared the video have asked – ‘Is this Naya Pakistan?’ One of the users on social media compared the situation in India and Pakistan saying, “While India is sending its spacecraft to the Moon, Pakistan is using belly dancers to woo investors”.

It seems like the Imran Khan regime is ready to stoop to any low for a few bucks as the nation faces threat of a potential economic collapse.