Best Among Failed Running Indian Railways

In recent time the country has witnessed numerous railway accidents. The main reason behind the accidents is the entire railway system. You can’t blame one particular department when the problem is with the entire system.

Here we will give you an example of the problems in the Railway system. Western Railway organized a written exam for the selection of group B, post of Assistant commercial manager on 1/7/2017. Very interestingly not a single candidate secured the qualifying marks of 70%. All the candidates who participated in the exams failed yet The Western Railway is considering two candidates for the job.

In a letter dated 29/9/2017, the Western Railway has recommended names of two candidates. The two candidates whose names are considered only secured 20% marks in the exams. Here is the reason shown by Western Railway on why those two names even after failing the exams are being considered for the job:-

However, those ST candidates who have secured 20% marks in the written test are considered under the scheme of “Best Among Failed Candidates” against the vacancy reserved for ST candidates in terms of Railway board’s letter no. 88-E (SCT) 1/23/1 dated 8.5.89, no 2013-E(SCT) 1/25/9 Dt 5/11/2013.

Now as per the letter sent by the Railway board itself it is clear that they are considering the name of two failed candidates for the job of Group B post of Assistant commercial manager, just because they belong to a certain community. It is unknown how many such “best among failed” people are working in Indian Railways. This letter shows one of the many holes in the entire system. In this current system even failed candidates who have only secured 20%marks are being considered because of caste. In this current system its caste which gives a person the job and not merit.

If things keep going the way it is then we should be ready for more accidents, as it is the “Best among failed” who are running things and not qualified people.