BIG BREAKING !! Fake Media Hero of Gorakhpur Incident Kafeel Ahmed Khan Suspended!!

The death of 72 children in Baba Raghav Das (BRD) medical college in Gorakhpur shook the nation on Saturday. But amid the sordid news, a news which now many consider fake saying Dr Kafeel Khan arranging oxygen cylinders in Hospital was planted by media.

The doctor reportedly thought on his feet and arranged for oxygen cylinders with the help of his friends and private vendors.

He is the second person from the hospital administration, following the suspension of the principal of the BRD medical college, Dr Rajeev Mishra. According to PTI, Mishra was suspended following the death of 30 infants within a span of 48 hours since 10 August.

Confirming the resignation of Mishra, UP health minister Sidharth Nath Singh said, “Yes, he has resigned. But we had already suspended him and initiated enquiry into his misdoings.”

We do not challenge what he has done. Its indeed a noble act but a quick browse in internet led us to some of the facts below

1. He is the head of encephalitis department of BRD Medical college (a government college) but runs a private nursing home – Medispring Nursing Home. It is ILLEGAL and a grave crime to do so.

2. Now since the pics are out in social media is exposing him, he has deleted his website and is not reachable. If whatever he did was genuine, why is he hiding things now ?
Dont believe me ??? Check this website of Medispring ursing Home : ( ). The website is INACCESSIBLE, you can view the cached view of this website from this link (

3. As per information from locals in Gorakhpur,it is ALLEGED that he illegally diverts the oxygen cylinders from BRD Government hospitals to his own private nursing home and that night, he just brought back those oxygen cylinders from private nursing homes. This information is given to us by some locals and could not be authenticated.

4. For those confused whether Kafeel Khan and Kafeel Ahmed are different, THEY ARE SAME. His real name is Kafeel Ahmed Khan. This was the screenshot from his website, which he has now unpublished from the web (and hence , is INACCESSIBLE).

Here is our post, where we exposed him completely with authentic details.

Kafeel Ahmed, who was projected by Media as a Savior a Big Fraud??