BIG BREAKING: Twitter Suspends Account Of Hardcore Nationalist Sonam Mahajan For Exposing Anti-Nationals.

Suppression of Freedom Of Speech?

Sonam Mahajan, with followers of more than 40,000 account was suspended by Twitter two days ago for speaking out the truth and exposing anti-nationals.

This Nationalist from Jammu, is popular in Social Media for exposing and questioning people who are hypocrite and anti-nationals.

For very weird reason her twitter account suspended as she reported Zaira’s Mother love for Pakistan.

Once reported, these Posts were deleted by Zaira’s mother within minutes- And the neck moment Sonam Majan’s Twitter handle was Suspended by Twitter because she posted this below.

Sonam Mahajan mentioned about this on her Facebook account where wrote:

So I tweet this and within a few minutes Zaira’s mother deletes her anti-India post from her Facebook TL and then I get suspended on twitter.

I must say, they have a lot of power. Technically, we never got independence, the power still lies with them. They don’t only abuse our country, they also have the privilege of silencing us whenever they want.

The shocking thing is Last month every Hindu came in support of Zaira Wasim when she was attacked and abused by the Islamist radicals for working in a Bollywood Movie Dangal.

But after supporting her- A few things came in a light like “She refused to stand on National Anthem while watching Dangal”. She also advocated the Burkha for women- But that is her personal choice.

Now when her Past tweets were explored- We found this- However she has deleted this tweet- But Google still has Cache.

And hence- we learned- Zaira’s mother got the Twitter handle Blocked with his Kashmiri Brother’s help.

As a result of such a blatant stifling of someone’s freedom of expression, many came in support of Sonam Mahajan.

Sooner the hashtag #BringBackSonamMahajan was the number 1 trend in India:

Well, time will say if and when her Twitter account gets restored, the fact remains that many who claim to be the superior of free speech are now silent, some being even an accessory to stifling of voices that go against the established norm.