Big Expose: How Congress deliberately let Pakistan off and Coined Hindu Terrorism on Samjauta Blasts-VIDEO

Congress has been exposed on many occasions, where they have directly and indirectly supported terrorists and even Pakistan to damage their own country. There were blasts almost every month, when UPA was ruling India and Manmohan Singh will only offer a so called strong condemn but these days, when NDA is ruling India under strong leadership of PM Modi, Mainland India is free from Blasts and terror attacks.

Many media houses are exposing terror acts, where UPA Under Sonia Gandhi along with spineless then PM Manmohan Singh covered up Islamic terrorists and even conned Hindu terrorism to malign a religion and polarize/appease muslims for Votes.

Here is a Big expose done by Times group on Samjauta Express blast, where  UPA Government and Manmohan Singh deliberately covered up the Pakistan angle on probe. Here are the tapes leaked of Narco test done.

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