BIG EXPOSE !! This Leaked Internal Mail From Akhilesh’s US Adviser Clearly Suggests War In SP Is Orchestrated

BIG EXPOSE !! This Leaked Internal Mail From Akhilesh's US Adviser Suggests War In SP Is Orchestrated

While last night saw some dramatic development in the Samajwadi party before heading to election polls the political analyst and journalists seems to be giving their own views about the party split. In a dramatic development the party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav expelled his son Akilesh Yadav from the party for 6 years after the duo published their two separate list of candidates for the up coming election.

The whole of Indian media seems to be rooted in UP to follow the development in Samajwadi party and the common man seems to be confused about these dramatic development. This is exactly what was orchestrated by the IT cell and the party strategists of Samajwadi party. Yes, you read it right. Immediately after the party split in UP satyavijay team went on to understand why would any party specially like that of the Samajwadi party come up with a split drama and here is a little insights of what exactly is happening in UP Akilesh Yadavs government came into power with high promise of changing the demography of UP, however UP has not seen much change under Akileshs govt. the number of crime seems to be raising sky rocketing and the state government has failed to provide even the basic infrastructure to its people. Government has been a absolute failure and their seems to be a Strong anti Samajwadi party wave among the common man of UP.

The people in the state have been frustrated with the scams and under development. People have been migrating to different parts of the country looking for a job and a better future since the state of UP has been a absolute failure under the Samajwadi party government. The party was however successful is gaining minority sympathy by creating religious riots in the state between the Hindus and Muslims. That’s been the smart strategy of UP governments vote bank satisfaction, however this seems to be loosing it shin with Muslims community realising how they are being used for dirty vote bank. There is a clear indication and zero chance of Samajwadi party of win next election. So with a absolute no chance of Samajwadi party winning the next state electing the party supremo and its strategists seems to have planned a smart game by staging a party split drama to gain public sympathy and win elections. This is not the first time when political parties have restored to expelling dramas to win elections by creating sympathy. Similar such drama had happened in Karnataka in the past. Samajwadi party has brilliantly orchestrated the party split drama and this was well planned by the party Analysts and the IT cell strategist.

Last Night In A Tweet, India Today Journo Rahul Kanwal Released Samajwadi parties’ Strategist Steve Jardings emails from United States. In a email exchange with Samajwadi party Steve clearly explains about the strategy on how the plan of party split is scripted and how the promotion of the party split should be done to gain public sympathy. This email by one of the top strategist of Samajwadi party has just added more evidence to prove how Samajwadi party has staged a drama to fool people of UP and gain public sympathy and win elections based on fake tears of party split. Samajwadi party has planned this split from the last 8 months when they realised about BJPs massive gain in UP election campaign. Many pre polls have predicted a massive win for BJP so without much option Samajwadi party has restored to cheap politics at the cost of public emotions. However the email leak of the top Samajwadi party promotion analyst Steve has only exposed orchestrated split drama. With this article Satyavijayi want the people of UP to not fall for the cheap politics and staged plan of Samajwadi party and look at the family run party has ruined the state and vote for a party which would make UP a state of opportunity and provide a better life to its citizens

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