BIG EXPOSE!! This Link Between Caught ISIS Operatives and Ahmed Patel Can be Big Trouble for Congress Party

Ahmed Patel (born 21 August 1949) is a Member of Parliament in India and a senior leader of the Indian National Congress party. He is the political secretary to the Congress President Sonia Gandhi since 2001 and is widely credited with the party’s performance in the 2004 and 2009 General elections.

Patel has represented Gujarat seven times in the Parliament of India, three times in the lower house or Lok Sabha (1977–1989) and four times in the Upper House or Rajya Sabha (since 1993). As of date he is the only Muslim parliamentarian from the state of Gujarat. On 9 August, 2017 Ahmed Patel again got elected to Rajya Sabha defeating BJP’s Balwant Singh. This was hailed by most of the so called self proclaimed seculars as good luck sign for Congress Party even when, it was just a Rajya Sabha Seat.

Yesterday, 2 ISIS terrorists were caught, who were given task to conduct Terrorist attacks prior elections in Ahmadabad and other prominent places in Gujarat.

Today, its unearthed that these two terrorists used to work in Hospital owned by Senior Congress leader, who is also an RS Member and Political adviser of Sonia Gandhi Mr Ahmed Patel.

Here is how, Gujarat CM demanded answer from tainted and accused congress leader.

This is how, people responded

Isn’t it shameful for a person holding such a high political position indulging, protecting and nurturing terrorists to use terror and kill people for political benefits?