BIG EXPOSE !! Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s Newspaper National Herald Openly Caught Spreading Fake News About ABVP !!

National Herald(The same one, where a case is going on launched by Dr Swamy on Gandhi’s and owned by Gandhi’s) reported on Nov 26 2017(as Gujarat Polls are Near) about election results of student union in Gujarat.

Soon, many of their their cheer leaders from the main stream media started criticizing ABVP sourcing National Herald.

This was also reported in the ultra  and extreme left fringe website called Caravan, who believe in spreading manufactured theory and conspiracy generating fake news.

Caravan has also posted an article defending terrorist Muslims, who burned kar sevaks in 2002 at Godhra, when things are Official and proved. This fake news is allegedly a political propaganda and attempting a dent to BJP with agenda oriented news without substance and could be very well funded by agenda setter.

But here is the actual truth!!

This is the status up-till now : Central University of Gujarat Student council election 2017-18.

ABVP won seats in the following schools:

1. Raghu Solanki (School of Life Science)

2. Anshul Gautam (School of Chemical Science)

3. Rohit Jhangra (School of Library Science)

4. Tarun Ahirwar ( School of Environment and Sustainable Studies)

5. Sujay Bagh (Center for Diaspora Studies)

6. Arjun Patel (School of Nano Science)

Independent candidates who won remaining seats: 1. Arvind N. (School of International Studies)

2. Dilip Kumar ( School of Social Science)

3. Bipin Kumar ( Center for Applied Chemistry) Election for School of Language

Literature and Cultural Studies is conducted on 30th November, 2017. The delayed of this school is because of the boycotted call by the NSUI, ASA, BAPSA, LDF in the name of Student Union after knowing that they are not winning any single seat.

Forgot about winning a single seat, they are not able to stand any candidate to fight the election too. All the student organisation were joining hands together to fight against the ABVP but unable to bring a single seat which is a big question mark with their existence in the campus.

They boycotted the election just before two days of the election day. Does it make any sense to boycott the election before two days of the election date. If they are really worried about the student welfare or if they are against the student council election, if they are really want to conduct student union then why they are not demanding before the date of the student council election was fixed. This is a plot of anti ABVP students and anti ABVP faculty fearing of the loss in the hand of ABVP. And one thing to remind to the citizen of the nation is that CUG election is nothing to do with the Gujarat state assembly election. If the CUG student council election is giving any impact to the Gujarat State election then BJP is winning for sure because ABVP has won already.

Even the last seat, where the poll is going on.BJP appears to lead the show.