Bihar goes to polls from October 28, results on November 10

The Election Commission on Friday announced the dates for Bihar assemblyman elections 2020. The polls will be conducted over three phases and will be conducted under the new normal rules of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first phase will take place on October 28th, second on November 9th and the last on 7th. The results will be declared on 10th November. Number of phases has been brought down from previous years to ensure safety of the people from pandemic. With the announcement, model code of conduct comes into force and will remain till 28th October.

In the first phase of voting, 71 Assembly constituencies in 16 districts will go to polls; in the second phase, 94 constituencies in 17 districts will vote; and in the third and last phase, voting will be held in 78 constituencies in 15 districts.

“Elections entail large scale deployment of security forces. We have tried to minimise their movement over long distances. This is due to their fatigue as well as Covid-19. We have reduced the number of phases to three due to this,” said Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora while addressing the press in New Delhi.

In view of the ongoing pandemic, several new measures have been taken. Polling has been extended by one hour from 7 am to 6 pm. The last hour will be reserved for those with Covid-19 and who are quarantined.

The alliance of BJP-JDU would try to protect their power in the state while opposition parties like RJD and Congress would try to make a comeback. With a pandemic situation in hand, it would be interesting to see how the Election Commission manages the entire process while ensuring everyone’s safety.