Bihar: Tribals launch onslaught on Muslims who allegedly entered their territory to offer Eid prayers

On Wednesday, tribal people of Dhulabari village of Bihar-Bengal border, unleashed an attack on the Muslims who had entered their lands to offer prayers on Eid. The tribals launched an onslaught using their traditional weapons of bow and arrow. This led to many Muslims sustaining fatal injuries including one person who was hit with an arrow at the chest, he is currently under medical supervision.

The fight ensued after tribals saw a group of Muslim men entering their territory, which they believed as an attempt occupy their lands. On the day of Eid, few Muslim villagers were visiting Idgah lands near the village to offer prayers. As soon as they entered the tribal lands, they were welcomed with a rain of arrows.

Soon after police arrived to control the situation. Police reportedly attacked the tribals with lathis and even torched some of their huts. This led to tribals agitating against the police.

There has been a long history of tensions between native tribals and Muslims of the area. Tribals believe the Muslims to be intruders and the two sides often fight over land issues.