Bin Laden’s son Hamza stripped of Saudi citizenship through a Royal decree

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through a royal order has stripped the son of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the current head of the terrorist outfit, Hamza Bin Laden of his citizenship. The decision comes after the U.S. State Department said on Thursday it was offering a reward of up to $1 million for information leading “to the identification or location in any country” of Hamza, calling him a key al Qaeda leader.

The announcement said that Hamza has emerged as a leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist group. His father was killed in a US military raid in Pakistan in May 2011. Al Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US.

The notice says the reward will be paid for help locating Hamza bin Laden in any country as part its “rewards for justice” program. “Hamza bin Laden is the son of deceased former AQ leader Osama bin Laden and is emerging as a leader in the AQ franchise,” AFP quoted a statement by State Department, referring to Al Qaeda.

Hamza bin Laden was named a “specially designated global terrorist” in January 2017. He has released audio and video messages calling for attacks against the U.S. and its allies. Al Qaeda which is is suffering to attracted people with stuff competition from ISIS and other newly emerging outfits, wants to use Hamza to reach out to the fundamentalist sections of Muslim youth.

Al-Qaida was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. and a host of other assaults against Western interests.​