Biriyani Shop in Kolkata serving beef to Hindus as mutton

If someone makes a list of the favorite foods of Kolkatans, then biriyani will be arguably on the top of the list. Kolkata has its own type of biriyani slightly different from the Hyderabadi biriyani and the people of Kolkata absolutely love their biriyani. But now after a recent incident, many biriyani lovers of Kolkata are feeling betrayed.

There is a biriyani shop at Shyamabazar called Haji Da Biriyani. Some people suspected the shop of mixing beef (cow meat) in mutton biriyani. When the news spread people protested against the shop and lodged a complaint against it at Ultadanga police station. Police has arrested one worker of the shop while the owner is missing. The shop is closed since the complaint lodged.

The owner of the shop has betrayed his Hindu customers by mixing beef in mutton biriyani, the person should be arrested and punished. Such kind of actions will hurt even those Muslim run restaurants across the city who do their business rightfully. It is possible that many Hindus may not be able to trust any Muslim run restaurant or will always have a doubt at the back of their minds after such an incident.

Some of the top biriyani restraunts in kolkata are run by Muslims and have never done such a shameful act. But after this incident people might also start doubting them. Such type of incidents which used to take place in Pakistan or Bangladesh are now taking place in West Bengal. The Hindus of Kolkata and West Bengal in general needs to be a little more careful because the situation is changing rapidly.