Bizarre Happenings of February 2018

2018 promises to be a very eventful year for Bharat. It would not be wrong to say that our country has been divided into two. On one side you have the professed Nationalists and on the other you have the real Nationalists; you have the professed Secularists versus the real Secularists; the professed fighters of Freedom of Expression versus the real fighters for FOE. And so on … February has already unmasked such people many times over … it is certainly bizarre that unmasking the chaff from the wheat is happening at such speed these days. Read on …

The Shehla Rashid Episode : In February 2017, Gurmehar Kaur had stated on Twitter that she had been subjected to rape threats. And her most vocal supporter was Shehla Rashid, who went on to spew vile against ABVP & RSS workers. Now, in February 2018, the same Shehla Rashid happened to put up an ‘innocent’ post on Facebook against conspiracy theories regardingAnkitSaxena’s murder. She went on to support Inter-faith marriages in another post. Bas, tohphirkya? She received the kind of messages from members of her own community (the peaceful one), which would put Gurmehar’s imaginary harassers to shame for being so tame.

The intelligent girl that Shehla was, she immediately deactivated her Facebook page (she’s reactivated it again I think, after so many people called out her hypocrisy). She sure was Brave & outspoken against people of her own community … Right?
The JNU Attendance Episode:Since the beginning of 2018, over 7,000 (out of about 8500) students of JNU have collectively boycotted compulsory attendance. Teachers too are refusing to mark attendance. In an article in the Wire, written by GeetaKumari, President, of the JNU Students Union, she writes, “Do we see our colleges, universities and learning institutions like jails and students as criminals? It is ironic that even when our criminal system invests in the belief of reform, our education system is seeking to strengthen its machinery to punish and criminalise students.” She also mentions, “The important thing to note in this conflict is that JNU students just don’t attend classes but they “over-attend” them…. Valuing (this) freedom, students have withstood bullying by pro-administration teachers to sign attendance sheets.”

Little wonder then that while students in the rest of Bharat finish their education by about 25 years of age, we have ‘Uncles’ & ‘Aunties’ still studying in such institutions & that too, at a subsidised rate. How can these innocents pass out of college, if they don’t want to attend lectures at all? Mysterious…

The Padmavat&PriyaWarrierEpisode : Early this year, almost everyone only had Padmavat on their mind and speech. And then there was this discussion about how Hindus were biased, backward in their thinking, patriarchal, etc. etc. Come February & all the ‘sickulars’ have stuffed their mouth with so much ‘food’ that they are not able to speak about members of the peaceful community doing something, let’s say, very legal … In the most laughable case till now, a clip of a girl winking at her boyfriend goes viral close to Valentine’s day … no one understands the lyrics (Malayalam) except for some people in Hyderabad (where the language is Telegu&/or Urdu). They realize that the lyrics are about Khadija & Prophet Mohammed and this actress had the nerve to wink on such holy lyrics. They file a complaint against the song writer & guess what, the actress !!! The actor who almost fainted looking at the wink, escapes, since he belongs to the peaceful community too. The producer, director, choreographer – nobody features in the complaint – but the actress does. Bloody patriarchal Sanghis … they wanted to cut off Deepika’s nose!

The Batla house encounter Episode: Salman Khurshid went all about town describing the tears that flowed from Madam Sonia Gandhi when she heard about the ‘fake’ encounter at Batla House – the same one in which the martyred officers received Gallantry Awards. So much tenderness and sympathy for the dead – terrorists that is. A case was filed to show that the encounter was Fake by stating that no one could have escaped with so much police presence. But guess what?! One of them, Ariz Khan, who had escaped that day, was caught by the same Delhi Police (I really ‘fear’ for Ariz Khan’s life now) after 10 years and 165 killings made by him. Now Salman Khurshid&Digvijay Singh say that they never said that it was fake … even showing them video proofs of their comments has not helped them to recover from the ‘fake’ amnesia that they profess now.

The Valentine Day Episode (Pyaarekdhokahai) :Every year we hear how Bajrang Dal & such people beat up young couples who look for private spots in public places, to display their affection for each other. In a surprise twist, this year AIB decided to support all those men (and women) who did not have a Valentine Day partner. They came up with this concept of ‘PyaarEkDhokaHai’ & to their own surprise, thousands of men turned up for the event. This only goes to show how Bharatiya women are more mature than the idiotic Romeos who think that they are God’s gift to women. I’m loving it – the ‘feminist’ in me has finally woken up!!!
MandirWahinBanayenge: This is really bizarre. Hindus want a temple at Ram JanmaBhoomi& guess who’s sacked? The MuslimMaulana who agreed for it. And in a bigger twist, MaulanaNadviis accused of seeking for a bribe of Rs.5000 crores, 200 acres of land & a RajyaSabha seat for agreeing to it. And the biggest surprise was the surprise on AsaduddinOwaisi’s face when he came to know about this. All these years of being a politician and even he never expected this – really bizarre!!!

Owaisi& our Braves: Now this is not just bizarre, it is unpleasant. Mr.Owaisi wanted the Government to take cognizance of the Muslim Martyrs of our country. The Army is one institution for whom the country is their only religion. The irony is that these Owaisi types want to check out the number of Muslims killed by our Police, our Army, our regular Citizens; then they want to check out how many of the Army, Police and Citizens who were killed were Muslims.But they never ever want to check out how many rapists, criminals, terrorists, jihadis were Muslims – so Chitthbhimeri, Pattbhimeri.

JigneshMevani’s Valentine day:JigneshMevani in all his wisdom tweeted that no one loves PM Modi … what happened that there was deluge of tweets from Modi Fans. Jignesh definitely must have been singing, “Nobody loves me ….”

It is just the middle of February & we’ve seen so much … Looking forward to the rest of the year, I get a feeling that many ugly masks will fall off. Jai Hind!!!