BJP accuses Akhilesh Yadav of leaving govt bungalow in shambles, SP refutes charges

On Friday, Akhilesh Yadav handed over the keys of the government bungalow in Lucknow to the Uttar Pradesh estates department

The Samajwadi Party and the BJP on Saturday hurled accusations at each other over the “damage” seen at the government bungalow vacated by SP president Akhilesh Yadav.

Mr Yadav vacated the house a few days ago after the Supreme Court ordered last month that former chief ministers of the state could not keep government accommodation.

  1. Akhilesh Yadav vacated the govt residence at Vikramaditya Marg.
  2. Staff damaged residence before vacating it: Reports.
  3. BJP, SP spar over ‘damage’ at govt bungalow.

Officials told IANS that barring a marble temple in one corner, the entire house had been damaged. Expensive floor and wall tiles, lamination, marble slabs have been damaged beyond repair and electricity switch boards and switches ripped off.

“It’s quite imminent now that the former CM was living a luxurious life. The bungalow had a separate gym and lot of air-conditioners were installed by him. The public money was wasted by him for his own comfort. It’s quite unfortunate that Akhilesh has left the property in a very bad shape after vacating,” said UP BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi.

The former CM Akhilesh yadav had taken away all his belongings including air conditioners, furniture, electrical appliances and bathroom fittings. The all-weather swimming pool has also been filled with sand. This pool had imported tiling which has all been broken, an official said.

Tiles of the badminton court, nets, walls have been ripped off and all the ACs, TV, furniture, fans have also been shifted out, the official said, pointing out that they will now check the inventory of the stuff sanctioned in the name of Yadav and will cross check it with what is left behind.

The BJP mocked the SP chief, saying the damage done at the bungalow showed Yadav’s “frustration”. The BJP alleged that Mr Yadav got a “grand” bungalow built for himself at government expense after realising that he would return to power for the second time.

The SP said the video clips and images indicated that the BJP was worried over Yadav’s popularity. “This is an attempt by the Yogi Adityanath government to misguide the people of the state and tarnish Akhilesh Yadav’s image,” SP spokesperson Sunil Singh Sajan said.

“If one has to learn how to defame someone, it should learn from the BJP. The government should say what has been damaged and what is missing”, said Akhilesh Yadav.

All the former CMs of UP have left the govt properties, excluding ND Tiwari who is presently undergoing treatment in Delhi. His wife has written a letter to the state govt seeking more time for searching a new accommodation.