BJP candidate from South Kolkata alleges more votes were counted from his constituency than actually casted, reaches out to ECI

BJP registered a historic performance in West Bengal, this Lok Sabha elections by winning 18 out of total 42 seats. Last time, the party stood at only 2. The Amit Shah led party successfully pulled off this turnaround in West Bengal, despite widespread rigging and violence, allegedly by the TMC. However, according to BJP’s South Kolkata candidate, Chandra Kumar Bose, the malpractices continued even on the day of results.

Bose has alleged that more votes have been counted in the constituency than were actually casted. As per the official app of the Election Commission of India, a voter turn-out of 69.65% was recorded in the constituency. As per Bose, it translates to around to 11.97 lakh votes among 1719821 registered voters. However, the actual votes that were counted as showing in the ECI results website was 1490235, which translates to an 87% voter turnout.

Bose reached out to the Election Commission with his complaint. Surprisingly, at around 5:30pm, the number of votes counted for the South Kolkata seat was updated and almost 3 lakh votes vanished all of a sudden.

The Election Commission in its clarification has said that it was a human error on the website. However given the record of how the polls were Conducted in West Bengal, Chanda Bose is not ready to let go of the matter yet.