BJP cannot use word ‘Pappu’ says Election Commission; But People Can

The Election Commission of India has reportedly asked the Bharatiya Janata Party to drop the word ‘Pappu’ from its electronic advertisement, prepared by the Gujarat unit of the party. The word ‘Pappu’ is often used on social media to ridicule Mr. Pappu Gandhi, Ohh I mean Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

Political parties are required to take the EC’s permission before releasing any electronic or print advertisement during the polls, when the Model Code of Conduct is in place. “In several instances, some changes were suggested by the committee which monitors print and electronic advertisements,” a senior EC official said as per report from The Hindu.

Many Citizens of Republic of Bharat were scared if they should be using the word “Pappu”, but it seems the Election Commission order is only for Political Parties and for their Campaign. Other people can still continue using the word “Pappu” if they want.

There are people addicted to the use of Pappu, the addiction is such that even Congress Party Members have used the word Pappu for Rahul Gandhi in past. Check out this video:

Hope this advisory to people give some relief and use their rights to freedom of speech and expression.