Why is BJP celebrating Thanthai Periyar’s Birth Anniversary right from 2014?

In a letter dated 6th September 2017 from Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), the ONGC authority has approved an amount of Rs. 13,80,000 across all work centers in India to celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Thanthai Periyar aka E V Ramasamy Naicker.

As mentioned in the letter, the birth anniversary celebration of E V Ramasamy Naicker is scheduled to be held on 17th September 2017 across all respective location, and authorities are requested to provide photographic proof to furnish a fund utilization report. SatyaVijayi has obtained exclusive documentation proof of the approval which has been provided below:-

But who is this E V Ramasamy Naicker aka EVR?

EVR was a former Congressmen and Leader of Justice party. He can be called as the father of the Self-Respect Movement and founder of Dravidar Kazhagam (Dravidian Organization) in India. EVR had proudly identified himself as an atheist and has ridiculed all practices of Hindus and Hinduism, calling them Brahminical in nature.

EVR was a strong follower of Aryan Invasion Theory and clearly defined that Tamils belong to a separate race called the Dravidian race. EVR has out rightly denied any source of links between Tamil and Brahmins, he infact outcast-ed them from the Tamil community.

In 1937, he was responsible for gathering mass support for what can be called as the Dravidian Movement which opposed Hindi to be taught in the school system. He raised the slogan “Tamil Nadu for Tamilians” in protest during the same year. He can infact be called as the father of Anti-Hindi protests in India.

If we go to the temples located in Kanchipuram, Chidambaram or Srirangam, we can see a statue of EVR and below these statues his quote is written in Tamil. “There’s no god. He who created god was a fool; he who spreads his name is a scoundrel and he who worships him is a barbarian.” EVR is also responsible for creating mass movements which was responsible for breaking idols of Ganesha (on Buddha Purnima, 1953) and burning portraits of Rama (1956).

One of the biggest goals of his Dravidar Kazhagam is to obtain Dravida Nadu (Dravidian nation) from the then Madras Presidency. EVR had called the Independence Day (August 15) as a day of mourning. EVR infact tried to collaborate with Muhammad Ali Jinnah to demand a Dravidasthan on similar lines to Pakistan.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a party which has always identified itself with Hindutva and Nationalism. Several of the senior leaders in BJP, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have been proud to identify themselves as a Hindu Nationalist.

Now that ONGC has approved an amount of Rs 13,80,000 for EVR’s birth anniversary in 2017, can we question the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas as to why it has approved the celebration of a leader who stood against all the ideals of BJP?

These birth anniversary celebrations of EVR has been happening right from 2014, ever since the Modi Government came into power. These celebrations are not only taking place in Tamil Nadu but have been taking place in all BJP ruled states right from 2014 (Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa and Assam). Exclusive pictures sourced by SatyaVijayi are given below:-

We can only hope that Dr. Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, would be able to clarify as to why these celebrations are taking place, especially with the approval of funds from the Central Government? If this celebration does take place on 17th September 2017, can we assume that the Modi Government is endorsing the views of EVR? Especially the view of EVR, where he has proposed a Dravida Naadu?