BJP chalks out ‘Mission Tamil Nadu’ strategy with Khusbu as a big catch

New Delhi: Congress leader and prominent actress-turned-politician Khusbu Sundar joined BJP on Monday, Oct 12, giving a major boost to the electoral plans for the saffron party in the run up to next year’s assembly polls in the southern state.

“If the nation needs to move forward, we need somebody like our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji to take the country in the right direction and towards its glory,” the famous face of south Indian movies and Bollywood said at the party headquarters in Delhi

“I am completely at service to the BJP and I promise to do my best on the responsibilities that will be given to me and I will do my best to make sure that my state Tamil Nadu sees victory in the upcoming elections,” she said in presence of BJP spokesman Sambit Patra and other leaders.

Speaking on the occasion, BJP spokesman Patra also announced that two more personalities from the southern state – Madan Ravichandran (senior journalist) and Saravana Kumar (a former Indian Revenue Service IRS officer) also joined the saffron party.

Earlier in her resignation letter to Sonia Gandhi, Khusboo/Khusbu said, people like her who wanted to work for the Congress party sincerely were being pushed and suppressed by some elements.

“Few elements seated at higher level within the party, people who have no connectivity with ground reality or public recognition, are dictating terms,” she said.

She also wrote in a Twitter message – “Many see a change in me. Well as you age, you evolve n grow, learn n unlearn, perceptions change, likes n dislikes too, thoughts n ideas take a new shape, dreams are new, you understand the difference between like n love, between right n wrong. Change is inevitable. Happy eve”.

Answering questions from journalists about her decision to join BJP despite having made blistering attack on Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in recent past as a Congress spokesperson, she said, “I was just doing my job”.

“Yes, it is true I have been extremely critical of the Prime Minister and Amit Shahji, but that was under compulsion, because you are part of another rival party”.

“But here I am with the BJP because I completely believe that India has to flourish….,” she said justifying her move.

But she admitted differences did crop up between her and the Congress party and the manner things were being handled.

“There were times I would not agree with what the party had to say…..I was not agreeing the way the party was opposing (BJP and Modi regime) but then you come under circumstances and you don’t have a choice,” said Khusbu adding, this is one reason she used to stay from TV debates in last few months.

Khusboo was one of the national spokespersons of the Congress party.

Born on 29 September 1970 into a Muslim family in Mumbai as Nakhat Khan, she married film actor, director and producer Sundar C in 2000. They have two daughters, Avantika and Anandita.

In 2017, there was a row about her religious identity.

There were trolls in social media and elsewhere alleging that she had hidden her real identity of being a Muslim.

On December 4, 2017, she had tweeted rather angrily.

“Some trollers have made a discovery about name is #NakhatKhan.. Eureka!!! Fools that’s my name given to me by my parents.. AND YES I AM A KHAN..NOW WHAT???late bloomers,wake up..u are 47 yrs late..”.

And there was appreciation too.

“A strong and meaningful reply to the haters. Proud of you #IndianWomen #NakhatKhan #ProudIndian,” went a missive.

Tom Vadakkan, now Khusboo Sundar and who next to jump from drowning Cong ship?

About the Author:

Nirendra Dev is senior Journalist. He is a longtime northeast watcher and author of books including ‘The Talking Guns: North East India’ and ‘Modi to Moditva: An Uncensored Truth’.