BJP Emerges As The Single Largest Party In Vote Share In Manipur Elections !!

In Manipur, situated on the far east of India, a turmoil is created by the United Naga Council (UNC) even since 1st November 2016. This council has imposed an indefinite economic blockade on the two national highways that serve as lifeline for the state.

The blockade was imposed following the state government’s announcement of formation of seven new districts, four of which have been formally inaugurated. The UNC claims that the creation of new districts in the Naga dominated hill areas will encroach upon and divide the traditional land holdings of Naga tribes.

The blockade, which has resulted in prices of essential such as fuel and food to soar, has become a point of contention between the Centre and the state government. The Centre blames the incumbent Congress government led by chief minister Ibobi Singh for failing to end the blockade, despite more men and resources flown to the northeastern state.

The result of all this tension have finally favored the want of a change in leadership at the State Level. This change in leadership was not aimed in bringing “Irom Sharmila” to power, who has managed to get only 90 votes in her constituency. The change in leadership is a translation of votes which have roughly moved from Congress to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The Modi-Shah combination seem to have done the trick here as well by promising the people of Manipur a betterment in the Law & Order situation, removal of economic blockage and a surge in tourism. BJP have gotten a maximum vote share of 36.2 percent in these new untested waters.

Only time will tell us if BJP will keep up their promises and return Manipur to the much needed normalcy.