BJP ensuring all round development for Dalits

In the first week of January 2018, the media was prominently highlighting story related to Bhima-Koregaon clashes and unfortunately most of the discussions tried to give it a castiestcolour. Had it been a caste war, the situation would have exploded out of hands by now. Anyone who understands the basic nuances of the Indian politics would acknowledge that the entire incident was a plant by the “Opposition combine” to disharmonize the state of Maharashtra and vitiate the atmosphere that otherwise is doing fantastically well underthe able leadership of Shri Devendra Fadnavis.

Maharashtra: the fastest growing state in India

To put the record straight, let us discuss the case on facts. According to the latest estimates released by the Finance Ministry for the fiscal 2017-18, Maharashtra may witness a GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) Growth of over 11.7 percent that translates to 25.35 Lakh crore rupees. In other words, the state has seen a growth more than other South Asian countries i.e. Pakistan, Bangaladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Sri Lanka put together. In place of appreciating the effort, the political parties who have been dislodged from power have been playing a depressing role in deviating attention towards non- developmental issues.

Given that the state has seen such a stupendous growth, how is it possible that a section of society would have been deprived of the fruits of this growth. Current Maharashtra government has built more than 17 Lakh houses for the poor including Dalits under Pradhan Mantri GraminAawasYojna ever since sworn into power. This evidently shows the seriousness and will of the leadership both at the top level by Prime Minister Modiand state level by Chief Minister Fadnavis. Had the Modi Government not committed to all round and inclusive development of the people, party would not have been voted to power in 19 of the 29 states.

Maharashtra Police played a brilliant role, handled situation brilliantly

In fact, one must appreciate the efficiency of Maharashtra Police that brought the situation under control swiftly and avoided any major loss of life and property.

Every time for last three decades around twenty thousand people gather at Bhima Koregoan to pay tribute to their heroes, but it was for the first time that over three lakh visited place.

Such humungous crowd is a clear indication that organizers had prepared well in advance to use this situation for defusing the peace and harmony of the area and raise tensions amid communities as they could derive political mileage from this event. The presence of self-proclaimed Dalit leaders like recently elected MLA Jignesh Mevani from Gujarat,known for his hate speeches against PM Modi especially and the JNU Student leader Umar Khalid, facing sedition charges attended the event too.

SubsequentlyMaharashtra Bandh was called by Prakash Ambedkarand there were incidentsofstone pelting and violence at Mumbai, Pune and other areas of Maharashtra . This was efficiently handled by the police by ensuring that there was no loss of life despite some serious violence by the party workers.At around 430PM in the evening, Maharashtra bandh was called off abruptly at by Prakash Ambedkar and he has a lot to explain as to why did his party workers cause so much damage to the public property and engage in acts of vandalism. I wish to highlight here, that the Police did Commendable job in handling this situation although they were on duty for more than seventy-two hours due to the New Year ‘s eve celebrations.


BJP government: a guarantee of all round development

Since BJP has brought an unprecedented development for people across the country, the lumpen forces are hell-bent for derailing the entire effort.

Union Finance Ministry’s record shows that BJP ruled state, Uttar Pradesh is witnessing a 10 percent GSDP growth worth 14.46 Lakh Crore rupees. BJP ruled Gujarat is growing at nine percent while Rajasthan is registering a whopping eight percent growth. Elections in Gujarat have yet again proved that people of India want development and todays India is much beyond the castiest politics spread by the likes of the Opposition parties. Three in the top five are the BJP ruled states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat while fourth and fifth are Tamil Nadu and Karnataka respectively. Rajasthan takes the sixth spot. These GSDP figures are evidence that BJP governments are the guarantee of all round economic development.

The track record of the BJP led state governments is an evidence that the party believes in inclusive growth across and pull out every section of the society from the wide spread poverty. The central government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has acted as a catalyst. Centre has lent a complete support to the states, justifying our federal structure and at the same time; ensured a corruption free government. On the other side a relentless tyrant of negative politics by the opposition has played a role of obstructionist.

With the General elections coming in 2019, the Opposition is likely to take every opportunity to cause such disturbances to divert the attention of common persons away from developmental agendas of the current Government. But the voters of India have understood this opportunistic politics of the said opposition and hence they have extended their support to the BJP , bringing them to power, state after state with 19 states now ruled by BJP and leading the country to the path of development. “SabkaSaathSabkaVikaas” is the motto of the Modi Government.