BJP, Haryana state president’s son arrested for stalking

Haryana BJP, State president’s son arrested for stalking.  According to reports a girl who said to be daughter of an IAS officer complained that when she was on her way to Panchkula, Haryana from sector 9, Chandigarh around 12:30am, a Tata Safari started following her from sector 26. The accused were arrested from Manimjara, bordering Panchkula.

After the arrest, police did a medical test on the accused as both were found to be drunk. One of the accused is the son of  the Haryana state BJP President and MLA, Subhash Barala. The other accused being his friend and Law graduate Ashish.

The Chandigarh police registered FIR  against them under Section 354D (stalking of women) of Indian penal code and 185 (drink and drive) of motor vehicle act. Later both the accused got bail.