BJP IT cell head questions official numbers of Corona infects released by West Bengal Government, TMC hits back

Amit Malviya, the IT Cell head of the BJP has questioned the official number of Corona infections from West Bengal and accused the Government of the state of fudging the statistics. In a tweet Malviya said, “What is Mamata Banerjee hiding? No medical bulletin from the Bengal government on 2nd, 3rd and 5th Apr. Curiously number of Covid related deaths missing in the bulletin released on 4th.”

Not only him, but also the West Bengal BJP President, Dilip Ghosh raised suspicion over the official figures released by the state Government of West Bengal. He said, “I believe that the state government is intentionally manipulating data. Officials from health department had announced the death of seven persons and immediately CM (Mamata Banerjee) had her team announced three deaths in press conference.”

“Just see, how the number is increasing all over the country but not in here. How the death figure has been decreased? Are dead people becoming alive? It is clearly misleading people,” he further went on to say.

Meanwhile, West Bengal’s ruling party, the TMC has stronly reacted to the allegations levelled against them. Senior TMC leader and MP Sougata Roy lashed out at Malviya saying, “He doesn’t know anything about Bengal, yet he gives his views about it and I strongly stand against it. Under Mamata Banerjee, the state government is trying its best to stop coronavirus and tweets like Amit Malviya’s will destroy everything.”

He also clarified on why regular bulletins are not being released by the government saying,” Yesterday, no bulletins were issued by the state government because it was Sunday and a holiday. State regularly issues figures, even on Saturday it was issued that Covid-19 cases were 49.”

“In fact, the bulletin will be on time today. State government has made a 5-member community to study the history of the treatment of all the Covid-19 patients.”

“They will inform whether the death of the patient was due to Covid-19 or due to some other reasons. So there’s nothing to hide in it. I don’t know who Amit Malviya is. He says he’s from the BJP IT cell, but whatever he said has no meaning,” Roy attacked Malviya.