BJP Leaders Are Like “Lord Ram” Visiting Dalit Homes, Says Minister

Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is passing nights in all his ministers and MLA Symmett Ambedkar villages. He is eating dalits’ house and listening to the trouble of the people on the four-wheeler. It is clear that Qude is for 2019. In such a statement, a minister’s statement came out, compared to Ram-Shabri. Uttar Pradesh’s Cabinet Minister Rajendra Pratap said, just as Lord Ram blessed the Shabari by eating berries, the BJP leaders go to the house of the Dalits and bless them.

Jhansi’s in-charge minister Rajendra Pratap Singh alias Moti Singh slipped out and he used to tell the tradition of Lord Rama and Shabari to feed the Dalit’s house. He used to eat the dalit family in which he called the Shabari. For this, he was also referring to PM Narendra Modi. On Tuesday night Rajendra Pratap Singh had a program of food in Choupal and poor family in village Gadhmau of Baragaon block.

The RES Minister of UP citing the reversal of Lord Rama said that God had blessed him by eating the false plum of the Shabari. PM Modi is being defamed, who sent the minister MLA and MP to the dalit exploitation home to eat food. After drinking Rahul’s water in such a house, the stomach was damaged, Lalu ji was ashamed, and it was itching to sit on the dalit cot.

He said that tradition has been Ram and Shabari’s. When I came here today, when the mother of Gyan ji served me bread, she said that I was saved. Mayawati has never eaten any dalit house. Mulayam Singh has never troubled me. In the PM Modi’s mind it came to the notice that the small and the big leader used to make Choupal and work to add more to him. Today, I am blessed with the words of a poor mother used. I am a Kshatriya son, I have the responsibility to protect society and religion in my blood.