Read How BJP leaders Have Come Out In Support of Social Media Activists in Karnataka

Congress government in karnataka seems to be targeting people who are active on social media and who are critical of government .
There is a sense of fear and intimidation among socail media users who have subscribed to the ideology of nationalism.

recently a techie named Roshan was arrested for an FB post targetting chief minister he was critical of the fact that CM has slapped a senior officer in the government in bellary Sometime back a popular facebook group callled “nilume”,was targeted and police cases were filed. Popular writer and household name Rohith Chakrathirtha was also targeted by none other than chief minister’s media advisor.
Vivek shetty who is very active on social media and his posts attract more response than any other regular media posts also feels insecure.

BJP leaders who were watching all these as mute spectators have now seems to have sprung into action and coming in support of social media users
who are feeling the heat of “secular” threat.

1)Post from MP pratap Simha

Guyz, I came to know that, a state Congress agent has listed 20 nationalists, who are active in Facebook n Twitter, to…

Posted by Pratap Simha on Sunday, January 31, 2016

2)Post from Bangalore MLA

Pl inform me immediately if anybody threatens any Nationalist leaders, activists, or writers. My mo 9448075433

Posted by B N Vijayakumar Jayanagar on Sunday, January 31, 2016

3)Post from Ex-miniter and BJP leader

India through article 19 has given freedom of expression to each and every citizen of inidia , we all shall use this with sense of responsibility
and also lets not fear about any threats. Thanks to BJP leaders who have come out in support.