BJP may get 144 seats in the West Bengal panchayat elections; suggests opinion poll

The panchayat election in West Bengal is just a few weeks away, and in this final phase of peprations some good news has come for the BJP. According to an opinion poll conducted by ABP Ananda C-voter, the BJP will witness a whopping increase of seats in the forthcoming elections.

The poll predicted that BJP will get somewhere near to 144 seats in the panchayat elections. If the prediction turns out to be true then it will be a direct jump for BJP from 0 seats in 2013 panchayat elections to somewhere near 144 seats in 2018. The survey also predicted that BJP will officially overtake long time player CPIM and Congress to become the second largest party in West Bengal panchayat.

However the survey maintains that ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) will remain the undisputed number one with a fair margin. The TMC is expected to get somewhere near 532 seats. While the left front (including CPIM) and Congress are expected to get 90 and 49 seats respectively.

In the survey several questions were also asked to the voters about current political scenario in the state and their expectations. A question was asked about whether the allegations of Muslim appeasement against Trinamool Congress are correct, to this 59% responding saying yes and 33% said no while a small minority of 8% maintained a neutral stand.

Another question was asked about whether the recently carried out processions on Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti across West Bengal will benefit BJP, to which 45% said yes but an almost equal number of 43% said no while 12% said ‘can’t say.’

The panchayat elections in 20 districts across the state will be held on May 1, May 3 and May 5.  It must be noted that the counting of votes of all the 20 districts will take place on May 8, 2018.
The ruling TMC is confident about sweeping the elections whilst the newly-emerging BJP is bent on leaving a dent and making their presence count this time.

Despite heavy violences in various pockets during nomination fillings, the BJP became the largest party from the opposition in terms of submitting most number of nominations. Meanwhile long time rivals CPIM and Congress have formed an unofficial alliance on the ground to tackle both ruling TMC and emerging BJP.