BJP MLA says Virat and Anushka unpatriotic for not marrying where ‘Lord Ram got married

Cricketer Virat Kohli and actor Anushka Sharma are unpatriotic because they didn’t get married in India, a BJP legislator in Madhya Pradesh said on Tuesday, angering the opposition.

Launching a government scheme in Guna, 214 kilometres north of Bhopal, local MLA Pannalal Shakya said Kohli didn’t deserve to be called a youth icon because he married in Italy.

The couple got married in a Tuscan resort earlier this month in a closely guarded ceremony and shared photos of their wedding on social media. The cricketer and actor are among India’s most popular celebrities and stories of their romance have made headlines for years.

“They earned money and fame in India but they didn’t find any appropriate place to marry on the land where Lord Ram got married,” Shakya told a gathering. “They are unpatriotic for getting married abroad.”

Later, speaking to Hindustan Times, he confirmed his comments and added that he was upset with the couple.

His remarks triggered attacks from the opposition, who demanded an apology and argued that the MLA had no right to question the choices of individuals.

“Being a responsible legislator, Shakya shouldn’t have given such a statement… Does the BJP leader want others to ask him to decide the venue of marriage? Who is he to comment over celebrities’ choice of place for marriage. What kind of message they want to give by insulting a celebrity who is the pride of our country?” asked state Congress chief spokesperson KK Mishra.

Source : Hindustan Times