BJP MP dismisses Darwin’s theory again, says I am not a child of monkey

Minister of State for Human Resource Development Satyapal Singh has once again said that he does not believe in the theory of progressive evolution of biologist Darwin. He said that he do not consider himself children of monkey or Kapi. In his theory of evolution, Darwin had said that human beings can only be related to human-like apes.

  • Satyapal had dismissed Darwin theory earlier in January.
  • Satyapal said government is working on bringing new education system.
  • He is writing a book titled ‘Politics for New India’.
  • 99 percent of the western universities “misinterpret, mistranslate” Hinduism, said Satyapal.
  • Satyapal was a Maharashtra cadre I.P.S officer of the 1980 batch, has PhD in chemistry.

The Union Minister said that when he rebutted this principle for the first time in January and had given a statement to make changes in Darwin’s theory in schools and colleges, then “he was not joking, but he had seriously considered the issue.”

Let us know that when he first told that the theory of Darwin was scientifically wrong, he had severe criticism on this, and Central Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar had asked him not to give such a statement. Keeping his mind on the release of a book titled ‘Politics for New India’ in Delhi, Satyapal Singh, former former Mumbai Police Commissioner, said, “In January I had given this statement after a lot of thoughtful thinking, this is not a joke, I am a student of science, I have a PhD, I understand science, those who want to speak against me, they will speak, but there were many people who had me and me Supported my statement.”

BJP MP from Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh, Satyapal Singh said that the government is working on bringing new education system. He said, “We read books where children are told that their father has no importance, it says that our ancestors were monkeys … that we are the children of monkeys.” He said that many people do not speak the truth Because they worry about what newspapers and critics would write.

He mentioned that 99 percent of the western universities “misinterpret, mistranslate” Hinduism.

Satyapal Singh said that courage is needed to say truth. He said that those people who are criticizing, they will definitely accept it, if not today then tomorrow, or 10-20 years later. Let us tell that in January this year, Satyapal Singh had said that neither our ancestors nor any other person wrote in writing or verbally that he had seen a Kapi transforming into a human.

The huge mistake was that India carried on to go after the british mentality and education system. He added.