BJP is scared of Rahul Gandhi says Raj Thackeray

It might sound like a Joke, but it is not so. Raj Thackeray has made a statement that the BJP is scared of Rahul Gandhi at the India Today’s Mumbai Manthan program.

Raj Thackeray had earlier supported PM Narendra Modi during the 2014 Election. Raj Thackeray, at that time, spoke about development in Gujarat and had appreciated the efforts of PM Narendra Modi for his work in the state.

Raj Thackeray even had gone ahead and defended PM Narendra Modi on a question raised over 2002. Raj Thackeray had supported PM Narendra Modi without any request or approach from BJP.

Though in the 2014 Elections Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, MNS of Raj Thackeray did not win even a single seat and has gone through a set back in recent times. Seems, Raj Thackeray is in a hurry to get some political gains and as supporting PM Narendra Modi in 2014 did not benefit his party, he is now going ahead with Rahul Gandhi and Congress. The Anti-Modi rant by Raj Thackeray is clearly visible and had been noticed by most.

Raj Thackeray is now praising Former PM Manmohan Singh under whose tenure our country was looted and various scams which had  hampered the economy. Certainly, Raj Thackeray should be aware that this form of U-Turn politics, doesn’t last long.