BJP scores big in West Bengal, gets more votes and seats than Mamata’s party in assembly by-elections

Bharatiya Janata Party has registered its best ever Lok Sabha performance in the state of West Bengal. The BJP which had only two Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal in 2014, has made a huge leap of 16 seats to get 18 this time.

With just four seats short of the state’s ruling party party TMC, which stands at 22 out of total 42 Lok Sabha seats of the state, BJP has already started hoping for a sweep in 2021 assembly elections. This is also a big victory considering the fact that there has been widespread violence in the state during the elections.

The unprecedented success in Lok Sabha seats elections, was however not the only reason of joy for the BJP in West Bengal. Along with the Lok Sabha polls, by-elections for eight assembly seats also took place. Out of these eight, BJP on its own won four, TMC on three and Congress party on one. This is a big achievement for the BJP to win more seats than TMC in assembly by-polls in a state that till the day before yesterday was regarded a Mamata Banerjee stronghold.

Apart from getting more seats, BJP’s vote share in assembly by-polls has also been more than the TMC. BJP got 40.50% votes while the TMC got only 37.04%.

The writing on the wall is clear: The BJP has completely replaced the CPI(M) as the main opposition in the state.