BJP Spokesperson Thrashes Saba Naqvi Badly, when she raises fake issues against Yogi Government in a Debate-VIDEO

In a debate held in Times Now, Self proclaimed messiah’s of secularism and liberalism were on arms attacking Yogi Government on action taken preventing illegal conversion of Hindus to Christians in Church.

At times, even rumor of someone converted to hindu, these self proclaimed secular and liberal gang go mad and play victimized on suppression of religious freedom. But on other hand, if llegal conversion of Hindus to Christians(evangelism) is stopped, they play an altogether different tone.

Sanju Verma is BJP Spokesperson from Maharashtra and is quite famous for her hard hitting punches against Opposition and the journalists disguised as panelists in debate shows on national television these days. Few days ago when Rana Ayyub alleged and said that “To get this position Yogi hatched Hindutva issue”, Sanju Verma brutally thrashed her. Once again she did the same with journalist Saba Naqvi who made comments on religion and opposed Yogi government.Here is what she said!!!

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